About Our Team

Warren Smith – Balloon Pilot and Owner of Big Red Balloons

Warren Smith - Big Red Balloons Pilot and Owner

Warren Smith – Big Red Balloons Pilot and Owner

Warren has been flying various types of fixed wing and ballooning aircraft for the past 25 years. He is an FAA commercially rated hot air balloon pilot. A native of the Bloomington area, Warren has an expert knowledge of the flight area and will be sure to provide you with the most scenic experience while keeping your safety in mind.

Our Pilots Have a Passion for Professional Hot Air Balloon Flights

  • Our pilots attend safety seminar’s every year just to keep informed on the latest changes in ballooning.
  • Our pilots are medically certified to fly.
  • Our aircraft are inspected by FAA licensed repairman annually to insure our aircraft is airworthy and safe to fly.
  • We are proud members of the Balloon Federation of America. This is the self-governing body for ballooning.
  • We obtain pertinent weather information from many different sources prior to each flight.
  • Many hours go into planning a flight.

The pilot in command has the final say about a go or no go decision.

Your safety is our first concern.

Our Crew

Our crew members are often ballooning enthusiasts from the surrounding area. It is not uncommon to see family or friends of the pilot helping out with the flight.