Sweetheart Flights

September 13, 2017

Oliver Winery 2017 Indiana Balloon Festival

This past weekend was the Indiana Balloon Festival. Approximately 20 balloons were in attendance for this event. Friday evening was a flight and glow. Our guest for the flight were Whitney Meeks and guest. The winds were very calm for this flight. We flew for about 45 min and landed at the airport. We then hurried back for the glow . Saturday morning our guest were Julie Beasley, her mother Ann and grandmother Terry. A beautiful morning to fly. For Saturday evening the plan was the same as Friday evening. Fly and glow. Our flight guest this evening would be Jim Seaver and his guest. We had a good flight to the South West. By the time we got back to the field some of the balloons were taking down so we did not get back in time to glow.     Sunday morning’s VIP flight was with Tim Lam, his wife Barbra and Son Tim. We had an epic flight of 16 miles to between Freedom & Worthington. Sunday evening our flight guest were to have been Paul Mui, Casey Thompson and her mother. The winds would not cooperate for this flight to take place.
September 1, 2012

Creek Bend Experience